Two Words: An action for Air New Zealand E tū members

See the full collection of E tū members’ photos here.

With so many good people facing redundancy, it’s a truly tough time. We understand that it may be hard to feel positive and take part in action like this right now.

But if you are up for it – here’s a chance to be heard.

This action is about sending positive messages to Air New Zealand from a union perspective, with the same forward thinking and determination you have all been showing since the crisis began.

In two words – what would you like Air New Zealand to do or be?

Even if you’re not part of the airline, what would you call for?

Public Service, Rebuild Better, Just Transition, Fair Selection, Premium Airline, Right Way, Rehire Fast, Be Kind, Think Smart, People Valued, Decent Jobs.

Simply take a photo of yourself with your own two words, like others have here. To add yours, use the form at the bottom of this page.

Here’s what will happen to the photos:

  • You’re sending a message to Air NZ about how you want to Rebuild Better, so the photos of your faces and two words will be posted on here.
  • They may also be used in a video message or similar on E tū’s social media platforms and encouraged to be shared widely.
  • The collection will be used in a way to gain more positive support the public, customers and other union members.

Share your Two Words for Air New Zealand

Choose your two word phrase from one above or make up your own. Get creative, show your work tools, use a photo of where you usually work if you can – find a way to make your image distinctly aviation.

    Thanks for taking part in the Two Words campaign today. Another way to spread the word, put pressure on Air NZ and gain public support is through members’ stories on social media, our websites or in the news. If you click yes, an E tū organiser may contact you to discuss this further.
  • Max. file size: 100 MB.
    If you can, include an E tū logo in your photo. Cover or edit out any Air NZ logos. We’ll apply the Air NZ Code of Conduct in this action. Your two words are positive, not inflammatory and come from your position as a union member who is expressing their own views. Your photo will be displayed with a ‘View is my own’ disclaimer.